One of the most vital safety features of your vehicle is the auto glass. Besides acting as a barrier between you and the weather and whatever bits and pieces are lying on the road, it also serves as an impediment so you do not get thrown out of the car during an accident. A superior auto glass likewise allows excellent visibility while you are driving. It will eliminate any cloudiness and distortions that can cause you to misjudge your distance from other objects. For these reasons, it is imperative that you get a qualified auto glass repair company when your car windshield or windows need fixing or replacement. So how do your separate the legitimate repair shops from the spurious ones?


They carry dealer or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glass.


While auto glasses can be manufactured by a lot of glass companies, the quality of dealer glasses remain unmatched. Generic glass tends to have distortion that can impair your capacity to see through it clearly. Brand new OEM glass is preferable to common glass or glass that was repaired. This is because dealer glasses are held to a high level of standards that is usually not the case for generic or mended glasses.


They do auto glass inspection.


Procuring auto glass from an OEM manufacturer is just the start of the process. An auto glass repair company that knows the ropes is cognizant of the many hands the glass went through during shipping before it reaches the shop. This is why the company you are eyeing should do hands-on examination of each piece of glass that will be installed on your car.


They use superior quality installation materials.


The auto glass from!auto-glass-spring is only as good as the material that holds it in place. It is imperative that your chosen auto glass repair company uses an adhesive identical to that of the car manufacturer. The applied urethane adhesive should have 1,000 PSI so the auto glass won't come off during a collision. Urethane of the highest quality also means adhesion that will last a long, long time. There is likewise less chances of wind noise and water leakage which are not possible with low-cost urethane.


They provide a lifetime warranty.



The auto repair company you pick should stick up for the quality of its work. A satisfactory way to do it is to guarantee the service for life. It underscores the company's confidence in its auto glass installation using high quality materials and industry-standard methods. The warranty should cover any defect, breakages, or other concerns that may arise from the installation or from the glass itself. The coverage should extend up to the sealants and the other materials used in the installation. Visit if you have questions.